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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

OTA 100th Anniversary Drop-In Retro Night at the ATC Courts

  With lovely weather, we enjoyed a great night celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the OTA on Friday June 29th at the Alliston Tennis Club.The Drop-In nights was  open to members and non-members with players enjoying using many of the old familiar raquets of the past. The names Wilson Jack Kramer, Dunlop Maxply, Chris Evert, Slazenger, Spalding, Prince and Donnay rekindled youthful memories for all. Instead of just limiting play to one court, players used them on all the courts. Once the cobwebs were shaken off, there were many lively rallies and games throughout the evening.
The highlight was provided by Mike Cooper, who brought his parents' wonderful collection of vintage tennis raquets to display for the members. His father Alex built many courts in North York in the 1960'3 and 1970's and wrote many articles on tennis. Mike played with a Slazenger raquet that his mother Grace used to become a Tennis champion. He hoped there was still some magic left to help him win a few more games.

Special thanks to Cassandra, Deb, Chris, Gord, Mike, Roger, Ron,and Shane for making it a fun night. Sounds like there might be a retro tournament in the future.


Saturday, June 30, 2018

For Canadians at home and abroad, July 1st marks Canada’s national day!  Your mind might be on BBQs, fireworks, and warm weather. Maybe a few of you are thinking about visiting relatives or have no plans at all. 
However you decide to celebrate, all of us here at the Alliston Tennis Club wish you a safe and enjoyable Canada Day long weekend!
For something fun (for kids and adults alike), why not try these Canadian Trivia Questions: 
How well did you do?