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Junior: $40 (under 21 as of Jan. 1 ) Adult: $65 Family : $140 ( 2 parents and children under 21 as of Jan. 1)

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Peter will be teaching our Junior and Adult lessons as well as stroke clinics at the club. He brings a wealth of teaching experience to our club. Peter is teaching at local area facilities in Barrie, Creemore and has been at other clubs in Ontario. Peter Simko Please Call or Text 705-730-2188 to reserve a spot. Payment must be received to confirm your place. email: Online reservation available Adult Lessons Children's/Junior Lessons Private, Semi, Family Lessons available

Friday, June 7, 2024

NEW! Thursday Night Semi-Competitive Play

Good Afternoon All,

Thank you to those who came out last night ... was a fun hit and great to meet you all! After some conversation with the group and feedback from the spreadsheet entries, we are going to change the doubles league night to a more social format. Please see below and looking forward to seeing everyone next Thursday at 7 pm!

Time: Thursday Nights - 7 pm - 9 pm

  • Drop in social doubles play 
  • Organize into groups and play 3 games
  • Winning team moves up to next court (move to the left)
    • Winning team on the far left court (by the gate) stay on that court
  • Losing team moves right
    • Losing team on far right court (closest to light switch box) move off court and wait for next match to rejoin (assuming there are more players than courts available)
  • Both winning and losing teams must split up for next match
  • Warm up for 15 minutes, any extra players will need to wait to sub on
  • If there are uneven numbers, then losing team would only sub 1 player

Let me know if you have any questions, but we can sort it out next week ... Thanks!